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Everyone loves a neat and clean car. Cars gets dirty daily due to exhaust fumes and weather pollution that will destroy or damage your car’s exterior paint. Maintaining your cars paint is important so as to provide the shine and smoothness so that you would be able to showcase your beautiful car to your friends and families even other drivers on the road.

Drive with style and elegant with our products from Japan and USA which are certified quality products. Always remember, a beautiful car is a happy owner!

A clean interior and neatly arranged car will bring good health and happiness to your friends and families in your car. From good health benefits to awesome smell will make your self even more proud.

Recommended Products:

Car Wash product: 3M 39110 Waterless Wash & Wax 16oz
Car cloth/Sponge: Mr Clean Jumbo Wash Sponge & Mr Clean Genuine Leather Chamois Car Cloth
Leather Care product: Howard Leather Conditioner 2 oz
Scratch Remover: Nu Finish NFS-05 Scratch Doctor 6.5oz (192ml)
Tyre Care: Black Magic No Scrub All Wheel Cleaner
Best Windscreens Cleaner: Simple Green Ready To Use Glass Cleaner 32oz
Best Paint Shine Product: Nu Finish NFR-12 Rapid Shine 15oz (443ml)