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Why Buy a Safe?

If you think that “it will never happen to me”just because you are in Singapore. Being safe because we are in Singapore. Important documents still goes missing or gets stolen both in home and in offices. Always remember that, once your documents or information gets missing or gets leaked out, there is no turning back because of technology and social media. Protect yourself now with a tangible insurance that could safe you and your business from further damages.

How to choose a safe?

Always ask your self these questions

1) What kind of document, information or things that i wish to protect and keep it safe as this is required to understand the inner size of the safe which you are intending to buy.

2) Plan where do you wish to store and place the safe because the outer dimension of the safe will give you a rough guide on the placement of the safe.

3) Is it for office or for home?

4) Do you need a fire and water resistance safe?

5) Do you prefer a digital, combination, biometric or key safe?

Some recommendations of popular safes around the word.

Recommended Safes

1) Yale Digital Safe ( YSS/520/DB2)

2) SentrySafe X125 Security Safe

3) SentrySafe X055

4) Yale YSFT-25ET Digital Safe

5) Sure-loc Fire Safe SLF325

6) Honeywell 5110 Digital Steel Security Safe