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3M Door Edge Protection Film 36 Inch

3M Door Edge Protection Film 36 Inch

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3M Door Edge Protection Film 36 Inch

3M™ Door Edge Protection Film is a super tough 6-millimeter thick clear coated urethane film that helps preserve your vehicle’s finish. It is made from the same material as the professionally-installed car door protectors used at car dealerships and safeguards the edge of doors from abrasion, door dings, chips, environmental corrosion and other minor damage. It is an easy-to-apply film requires no tools for installation. Once applied, it requires no special care. A small investment that can make a big difference in keeping your car looking new!

Contains two 91.44cm (36 inch) Door Edge Protection Film strip on a single sheet

  • Protect door edges from chips, scratches and scuffs
  • These car door protectors apply by hand with no tools required
  • Door Edge Protection Film helps keep vehicles looking new
  • Includes two door edge guard strips ideal for most sedans
  • Virtually invisible and cleanly removable


  • Clean the door edge on both the interior and exterior surfaces using car wash soap, then rinish with water and dry with a microfiber cloth
  • Wash your ahnds thoroughly and avoid application in windy conditions as dust or other devris may attach itself to the adhesive
  • Start by removing one strip from the paper. Do not pull the entire strip off the paper as the adhesive can become contaminated
  • Beginning from the top, press the film onto the door’s exterior surface so that half of the film width is on the outside door edge, and half is extending beyond the door edge.
  • Continue this process down the door edge to the bottom of the film. Trim the remianing film with scissors.
  • Begin pressing the film around the edge of the door to remove the air bubbles. NOTE: Do not secure the remaining half of the film to the back side of the edge yet.
  • After removing the air bubbles, fold the film around the back of the door edge from the top.
  • Remove all air bubbles by smoothing with moderate finger pressure.


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