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3M Filtrete 9808-2 Aircon Filter 30cm x 60cm Red

3M Filtrete 9808-2 Aircon Filter 30cm x 60cm Red

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Easy 4-Step Installation

It is suitable for standard sized window air condition units as well as split type air conditioners. Cut the filter to cover 70-80% of the air conditioning screen, secure it with adhesives and place the screen back into the unit for cleaner air.


Indoor air pollutants can be harmful to everyone. Your child’s respiratory system is still developing, he or she is even more affected by indoor air contaminants

Change your aircon into an air purifier!

Filtrete™ filters are high technology air-filters consisting of electrostatically charged fibres. As the air-conditioner circulates the air indoors, the fibres work like tiny magnets to continuously attract and trap pollutants in the air that passes through the filter. Filtrete™ aircon filters use patented 3M™ technology to attract and trap particles of even less than 1 micron.


  • 3M FiltreteTM 3-in-1 technology
  • 30cm x 60cm 2 pieces for Approximately 4 Aircon Units.Improves indoor air quality
  • Reduces allergens like dust, smoke and pollen etc.
  • Suitable for window and split air conditioners
  • Easy to install and dispose
  • Suitable for infants, children, pregnant women
  • Certified by Asthma & Allergy Foundation, America, as Asthma & Allergy Friendly™
  • Reduces micro-allergens for cleaner indoor air! 20 times more effective than ordinary filters. Filter out the bad, breathe in the good.
  • Filters last 2 months under normal conditions.
  • Consumers are advised to change the filters monthly for optimum performance.
  • Pre-cut to size approx. 19cm x 30cm
  • 4 pc approx. 2 aircons

1 review for 3M Filtrete 9808-2 Aircon Filter 30cm x 60cm Red

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Seriously a cheaper alternative to air purifier. Air does feels cleaner and dust free.

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