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3M Filtrete Ultra Pure Air Purifier MFAC

3M Filtrete Ultra Pure Air Purifier MFAC

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Multi-function Air Purifier with upgraded air intake design and electrostatic Air Cleaner mechanism. Exclusively developed for 3M, this Air Purifier can also purify 22 Sq. Meter Room

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  • This air purifier also works as activated carbon purifier, anion cleaner function, comes with timing and wind speed setting and filter replacement design which gives you a full set of functions at the same time.
  • The purifier is able to eliminate dust, dust mites smoke, pet dander and more than 99.9% allergens.
  • Carbon deodorization function 
  • Anion clean function 
  • Filter replacement reminder 
  • Four-phase time setting
  • Warranty:
  • Measuring 42 x 17 x 36.5 cm


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