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3M Safety & Wet Area Matting 18″ x 24″ Grey

3M Safety & Wet Area Matting 18″ x 24″ Grey

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The 3M Safety & Wet Area Matting's resilient surface is comfortable for barefoot traffic, while the vinyl is formulated for resistance to chlorinated water, body oils, fungus, mildew, UV radiation and most cleaning and disinfecting products. Ideal for barefoot applications such as in changing rooms, around swimming pools, saunas, bath areas, etc.

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  • Prevents slips and falls
  • Suggestion applications on doorstep, sauna, swimming pool, freezer room, bathroom and wet area
  • Comes with edging to prevent trips
  • Stays in place to prevent slips
  • Z-web vinyl ridges that scrape dirt and moisture
  • Long lasting
  • Anti-mildew
  • Anti-flammable 
  • Size: 18 x 24cm
  • Part Number:  3200
  • Size:  0.91x6.1m
  • Colour: Blue, Wheat
  • Thickness: 6.0 mm 
  • Made in USA


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