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It’s recommended to change replacement cartridge every 6-8 months for hygiene purposes as it gets dirty and choked after some time. 

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What you Get?

1 X Filter Cartridge worth $120

1 X Delivery & Replacement Service 

1 X Cleaning & Sterilizing your 3M HCD2 (including pipes & nozzles)

Professional advice and short demonstration of how to maintain your machine

(Package is worth $419)

Basic FAQs

Can we clean the tank ourselves?

  • Yes, you can follow the instruction on page 12 of the instruction manual for steps to clean the tank.


How long will the maintenance service be?

  • It depends on the condition of your dispenser but it will roughly take about 45-60 minutes.


Can I pay after the maintenance?

  • No.


What do you use / How do you sterilize the water tank?

  • We use sterilizing tablets to do the sterilization. It destroys harmful bacteria found in contaminated and protect against illness caused by waterborne diseases.


Where can I buy the sterilizing tablets?

  • You can purchase it at any supermarket or personal care store such as Watsons, Guardian etc. 


Why will the tank become dirty since the water is filtered before it fills up the water tank?

  • The water tank is not 100% sealed and there is a vent at the back of the dispenser. Therefore, we recommend regular cleaning to ensure the cleanliness of the dispenser.


When will the promotion end?

  • There is no end date as the one time promotion is only entitled only to those who purchase this unit in 2015 and Q1 of 2016.


Our friendly staff will give you a call again to arrange a date for maintenange & delivery after you made your purchase


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