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Black & Decker BCPC20D1 20V Cordless Pressure Washer


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Black & Decker BCPC20D1 20V Cordless Pressure Washer

Black & Decker BCPC20D1 20V Cordless Pressure Washer

Product Features:

Removes ingrained dirt in the living area, making it cleaner and more pleasant. with a powerful atomizer that comes with a nozzle that can be adjusted and penetrate to clean thoroughly even in tight spaces Suitable for spray cleaning around the house, such as moss stains on the walls, mud stains stuck in gardening equipment or vehicles such as bicycles, cars or motorcycles, etc.

  • Cordless washer with 350 PSI or 24 bar, up to 5 times stronger than a normal water hose.
  • 20 volt battery, convenient to use easy to carry Because it is a wireless tool
  • BUILD-IN nozzle can be used continuously for 10-15 minutes. Choose to adjust the strength of the water to 2 levels.
  • 57 cm long spray handle, comes with a suction hose, 6 meters long for convenient use.
  • Continuous lock button This eliminates the need to hold down the trigger for a long time. more flexible

How to Use:

For watering plants, washing cars, cleaning various dirt. It should only be used with clean water.


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