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Black and Decker Hand Tool Kit BMT108C (108pcs)

Black and Decker Hand Tool Kit BMT108C (108pcs)

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– Compact & lightweight
– A well-built case for long lasting tools
– One single kit for all your tool needs
– 108pc kit

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3m Measuring Tape

It has lock on feature for easy use and helps in taking accurate measurements.

Adjustable Wrench

Made out of carbon steel smooth adjustment with precision. Very useful in
tightening & loosening of nuts and bolts.

Claw Hammer

Sharp claw for easy nail removal. Strong head and a soft grip for long time
usage. Used in removing the nails from a surfaceand hammering nails onto
a surface.


1 long nose plier–holding & twisting and 1 combination plier made out of carbon
steel for longer durability. They are useful for gripping, cutting & stripping wires.

Masonry Drill Bits

3 masonry drill bits of different size. Drilling holes in concrete walls using drills.

Mini Hacksaw

Sharp blade with strong body. Very useful in cutting thin wood & small job sawing.

Hex Keys

L-shaped 8 Hex key with size varying from 1.5 to 6mm. Used for tightening and
loosening of Allen screws in electronic & electrical gadgets.

Ratchet Screwdriver

Includes Screwdriver with precision bit holder and 22 bits with 6 different sockets.
It is used for screw tightening or loosening.

Snap-Off Utility Knife

18mm snap-off knife with a automatic lock on for more safe use. Useful for
cutting paper, soft plastics, small ropes and threads.

Tester & Insulation Tape

Basic electrical tool required for every home. Tester will help in checking the
current flow in an electrical socket.

1- Stubby Adjustable Wrench Carbon Steel
1- 160mm Long Nose Pliers Carbon Steel
1- 160mm Combination Pliers Carbon Steel
1- 9-LED Flashlight
1- 18mm Snap-Off Utility Knife
1- 3m Measuring Tape, MID
1- 8oz Claw Hammer
1- 140mm Tester, VDE
1- Insulated Tape, 0.13x18mmx10m
6- 1/4inch Dr. Socket, CrV, Chrome Plated, 5-6-7-8-9-10mm
1- 1/4inch Dr. Bit Adapter
3- Masonry Drill
1- 150mm Mini Hacksaw
8- Hex Key: 1.5-2-2.5-3-4-5-5.5-6mm
10- 25mm Bits, CrV, Sand Blasted
1- Stubby Ratchet Screwdriver
1- Precision Bit Holder
12- 4x28mm Precision Screwdriver, CrV
56- Screw 3×30, 4 x 35 and 5 x 50. S Plug 5 x 30, 6 x 30, 8 x 35 Blow Molded Case 38.6x30x8.8cm Color Sleeve



108pcs hand tool kit.


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