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Bluelounge Pixi Small – Orange / Blue


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Bluelounge Pixi Small – Orange / Blue

Pixi is an infinitely adjustable elastic band with a locking device at one end that allows you to bundle up, hang up, and organize almost anything. Only imagination sets the limits of what you can use the Pixi!
  • Elastic cords with locking device
  • Easy to open and close
  • Several different sizes
You have guaranteed sworn of where the cable ties that can not be open once you have attracted them and that you have to cut or cut to open them again. Now it’s finally out of it!
Pixi is easy to close and open, and it can be reused almost how many times. Pixi is available in three different sizes:
Small Pixi 8-pack (12/20 cm)
Ideal for bundling wires, small items, pens, business cards, etc.
Medium Pixi 6-pack (32/40 cm)
Suitable for organizing gadgets in the home, seal the bag, combine books, etc.
Large Pixi 2-pack (56/84 cm)
Works best with larger things like yoga mats, mattresses, sleeping bags, etc.


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