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Bosch 48pcs Tin Drill & Screw Bits Set

Bosch 48pcs Tin Drill & Screw Bits Set

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Contains a magnetic stick, 6 masonry drill bits, 5 wood drill bits, 50mm 5 screwdriver bits, 25mm 18 screwdriver bits, 4 nutsetters and countersink bit & magnetic bit holder.

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Magnetic stick HSS-Tin metal drill bits, diameter 2-5mm
5 Msonry drill bits, diameter 5-8mm
5 wood drill bits, diameter 3-8mm
5 screwdriver bits, L=50mm, PH 2/PZ 2/S 6/T 20/T 25;
18 screwdriver bits, L=25mm, PH 1/2/2/3, PZ 1/2/3S 4/5/6. T 10/15/20/25/30, H4/5/6;
4 nut setters, diameter 6/8/10/13mm;
Countersink bit and magnetic bit holder

Dimensions: 235 x 60 x 162
Weight: 0.86kg


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