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Damprid Refillable Moisture Absorber Fragrance Free – Twin Pack FG60

Damprid Refillable Moisture Absorber Fragrance Free – Twin Pack FG60

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DampRid® Refillable Moisture Absorbers are the long-term, economical solution to moisture and odor control.

Unlike sprays that simply mask odors, DampRid® crystals absorb excess moisture from the air that can cause moldy, musty odors. The result is a cleaner, drier, long-lasting freshness your whole family will appreciate.

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DampRid® Refillable Moisture Absorbers are the long-term, economical solution to moisture and odor control.

Unlike sprays that simply mask odors, DampRid® crystals absorb excess moisture from the air that can cause moldy, musty odors. The result is a cleaner, drier, long-lasting freshness your whole family will appreciate.

You can use DampRid® Refillable Moisture Absorbers wherever you have excess moisture, including:

  • Bathrooms
  • Basements
  • Clothes closets
  • Laundry rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Offices
  • Kitchens
  • Storage closets
  • Gym lockers
  • Boats
  • Stored RVs

— or anywhere excess moisture is a problem.

The DampRid® Twin Pack (FG60) doubles your moisture control and odor-fighting protection while it lowers your cost.

Instructions for use:

Do I break-up or chip the white crystals after they become one solid mass?
No, this is a normal part of the process through which the white crystals absorb excess moisture.

There are salt crystals that resemble ice crystals in the lower chamber of the product. Why?
This can be caused by a sudden change in either temperature or humidity. To get rid of the crystals, run water over the ice crystals until the formation dissolves.

Do I need to empty the collected liquid before the white crystals have dissolved?
No. Instead of evaporating into the air, the collected liquid will continue to absorb a small amount of moisture from the air.

Should I add more DampRid® white crystals to the top of the container before they are all dissolved?
No. Please allow all the white crystals to dissolve before you add more, or else you may alter the absorption process or damage the plastic container.

When do I empty the container?
You should empty the container when all the crystals have dissolved out of the basket.

Why does the top of the crystals change colors?
The top of the crystals change colors from impurities called Bromide which does not affect the performance of DampRid®.

How long will this product control moisture?
The Refillable Moisture Absorber provides up to 45 days of moisture control, depending on temperature and conditions. And it’s refillable using DampRid® 42 oz. refill.

Do I need to buy a new container each time?
The Refillable Moisture Absorber container is reusable and will last for many years.

How do I dispose of the liquid?
You can dispose of the liquid by simply flushing down your toilet, septic tank safe.

How do I open the refill bag?
You can open the bag by tearing at perforation above the zip-lock seal.

How many times can I refill my container from this bag?
DampRid® 42 oz. Refill Bag is an economical, easy-to-pour re-closeable pouch that provides four refills for the 10.5 oz Refillable Moisture Absorber.

What is the shelf life for the Refillable Moisture Absorber?
This product has no shelf life; it is good until it is used up.

I was going to buy a dehumidifier, but after seeing the prices, I wanted to find something else so I got DampRid®. I wasn’t sure if it would work or not, but after a couple days I could really tell a difference in the air. The hot, sticky, muggy feeling went away in the rooms that I put them in, and you could see how much moisture they had absorbed. I would really recommend DampRid® to someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money (because they’re pretty cheap) or who doesn’t want to deal with a dehumidifier.
Caleb J – Indianapolis, IN

Living in Florida, the AC works hard enough without having to dehumidify moist bathroom air. I tried one DampRid® canister in the large bathroom and one in the garage. The one in the garage was used up faster, but the one in the bathroom has a little left in it. I’ve had them since September. Am on my way out to get refills for them. I also like the fact that they’re reusable after emptying.
Anonymous – USA

I started using DampRid® when I lived in Florida 34 years ago and have continued using it ever since, no matter where I have moved. Now in California near the coast, I use it in the closets to keep clothes fresh with no possibility of dampness creeping in during our rainy season, or periods of high humidity and fog. It’s economical and easy to use, requires no high-cost electricity and best of all — it really does the job in those enclosed spaces. We use the lid under the cup in the event of a spill, but have never had an issue at all. Great product, and I highly recommend it to all.
B. J. Schryver – Carlsbad, CA

I have used DampRid® for 25 years since I moved to Florida in 1987. I love it, love it. Would recommend everyone use it. I have DampRid® in all my closets, bathrooms, all cupboards in my kitchen and under my sinks. In Florida you really need this great product. I have to refill my 12 containers every 9 days because my house is so damp. I cannot live without it.
Mrs. Pauline C. – Sebastian, FL

DampRid® is simple to use and works great in areas that you cannot, or don’t want to, use a dehumidifier. The material disappears as the water is removed from the air so it is easy to see when a replacement is needed.
Jim – Goshen, NY

My husband and I live in a really SMALL apartment, and our bathroom is right next to our bed. Every time we would open the door, or flush the toilet, or even take a shower the room would have a gross, musty, wet smell. I then saw the commercial for DampRid®. I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try it! I am here to tell you that this product is a miracle!!!! All we smell is freshness, and we don’t have to cover our noses after leaving the bathroom! I love this stuff, and will continue to use it! Thank you DampRid®!
Becki – Warrensburg Missouri

My kitchen had a distinct musty smell. I placed DampRid® under the sink. I was surprised to see it filling with water on the bottom, (meaning it was working) and I was glad to see I had found the problem area. My kitchen no longer smells musty and I have purchased more to place around my home so that it smells fresh. Great product and I highly recommend it!
Mrs. C – Michigan

I love this product. A friend told us about it, and since we got it, we have fallen in love with it. Thanks.
Debbie M. – Fort Valley, GA

We bought a house on the marsh and with that old and closed up odor. When we would go back home, our clothes had that odor on them. Well to make a long story short, I had heard of DampRid® and decided to get some. Well, now I DON’T live without it. My Dad lives on the lake and had the same problem….key word HAD. I told him about DampRid® and he swears by it!!!!!
Carol T. – Saint Helena Island, SC

Disclaimer: The “Directions for Use” are included to help you better understand our product. However, they do not provide you with all of the information needed to use the product safely and effectively.

Prior to using this product, you should always read the entire label including all cautions.

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