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DampRid Super Refill Fragrance Free FG37H


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DampRid Super Refill Fragrance Free FG37H

  • Eliminates excess moisture that can damage your clothes and leather goods, cause mildew and damp feeling fabrics.
  • Not only protects from damage but also eliminates odours caused by moisture.
  • Prevents mould and mildew by eliminating excess moisture that allows mold mildew to grow.
  • Will not dry the air excessively to damage plants, furniture or household goods.
  • Can be used in wardrobe, bathroom, laundry room, storage room or anywhere that excess moisture and stagnant air are a problem.


1. When all the white crystals have dissolved in the Refillable Moisture Absorber Container, empty liquid into toilet and flush.

2. Pour crystals into refillable container filling 2.5cmfrom the top. Reclose bottle.

3. Shake bottle before pouring while holding closed.

Suggested Uses:

Wardrobes, bathrooms, laundry rooms, storage units, basements, garages and stored boats.

For any use in any refillable moisture absorbing container*

1 bottle of FG37H = 11 x 300g Containers Refillable Moisture Absorber


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