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Duro Pad-Lock Art.320

Duro Pad-Lock Art.320


The easy-to-install Duro Pad-Lock Art.320 secures your gates and doors. Made from high quality steel, the pad-lock is armoured with a steel case, providing added security.

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  • Convenient
  • Able to withdraw key after unlocking
  • Re-keyable. New key configuration
  • Extra protection with nti-drill keyhole
  • Amoured cage with ardened steel casing
  • Built-in chain eyelet
  • Unlock any number of duro locks with just one key
  • Hardened Steel Casing
  • Spring Release Locking Bar
  • Locks without Key Insertion
  • Chain Attachment Stud
  • One Key System Capability (DMS)
  • Warranty:
  • Comes with 4 computer keys
  • Diameter: 12mm
  • Length: 82mm
  • Breadth: 68mm
  • Width: 29mm
  • Made in Singapore


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