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Dylon MD 30 Machine Dye Pod – Deep Violet

Dylon MD 30 Machine Dye Pod – Deep Violet

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The Dylon Machine Dye Pod is an easy to use, all-in-one fabric dye. These pods can be used to dye larger items such as trousers or towels, or smaller items such as singlets and tea towels. Simply place this pod in the drum of the washing machine and away you go! Quick and easy – the Dylon Machine Dye Pod is perfect to add some vibrancy and life back to your dull clothing items.

If you are afraid that your newly dyed clothes will stain other clothes when you wash them for the first time, Dylon Colour Catcher is the solution!

You can purchase Dylon Colour Catcher along with your dyes here:


Dylon Color Catcher prevents

  • colour run accidents,
  • allows mixed washes,
  • protects colour brightness,
  • prevents greying,
  • effective at all temperatures and prevents residual dirt redepositing.

The proof is on the sheet!

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