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ELPA HLH-2201 Hospitality LED Motion Sensor Lamp

ELPA HLH-2201 Hospitality LED Motion Sensor Lamp

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Product details of ELPA hospitality light HLH-2201
● As it is dry cell type, it can be installed anywhere.
-White light color according to the scene-can be switched to light bulb color-
React to people, it lights up automatically.
With the light and dark sensitivity sensor adjustment function that can adjust lighting by the ambient brightness
● Select-able lighting mode
ON: Always lights up.
OFF: Always off.
AUTO: Detects automatically and lights up for about 12 seconds.
Summary of specifications
· Power supply: AA dry batteries * 4 (sold separately)
· Battery life: ON: about 30 hours
AUTO: about 2 years (when lit 10 times a day)
· when using alkaline batteries
· battery performance, use Depending on the conditions, battery life may be shortened.
· Light source: white LED / bulb color LED
· total luminous flux: white 45 lm / bulb color 40 lm
· lighting holding time: about 12 seconds
(automatically detects when a person is detected, and automatically turns off after about 12 seconds)
The lighting time is extended when a person is detected.
・ Lighting start illuminance: From about 5 lx (adjustable with the lighting start illuminance adjustment knob)
・ Dimensions (approx): width 150 * height 100 * depth 44 (mm) (maximum value)
・ mass: approx. 140 g (excluding batteries)
・ Sensor sensitivity may change depending on the use environment.
・ The LED can not be replaced.
-Due to the nature of the product, please note that there may be variations in the color of the light and the brightness.


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