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Falcon Fire Safety Kit – 3 in 1

Falcon Fire Safety Kit – 3 in 1

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Every Home Needs A Hero

FALCON’s Premium 3-in-1 Fire Safety Kit will have you covered for any potential fire hazards that may occur at home! It pays to fit the best. Our smoke alarm is manufactured by the renowned Ei Electronics UK, made in Ireland. Comes with 5 year manufacturer warranty.

Under SCDF’s new fire code, Home Fire Alarm Device (HFAD) are now mandatory in new homes from June 2018. Our smoke alarm is fully compliant with the new fire regulation.

The kit comes along with 3 essential items:

  • 1x 1kg ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher (1 year Warranty)
  • 1x 10 Years Lithium Battery Operated Optical Smoke Alarm (Model: EI650)
  • 1x Fire Blanket (1.2m x 1.2m)

Suitable for Class A, B and C fires
Class A: Ordinary combustibles (i.e. cloth, wood and paper)
Class B: Flammable liquids
Class C: Appliances, electrical

  • Clear how-to-use instructions
  • Adheres to Singapore standards (SETSCO approved)

How to Use:

  1. Release the safety pin
  2. Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire
  3. Squeeze the lever
  4. Sweep from side to side

Care Tips:

  • Check the pressure gauge on a monthly basis, the needle should lie in the green zone (Note: Do not throw away your fire extinguisher if the needle reaches the red zone before the expiry date! Servicing will make it as good as new)
  • Visible signs of damage (e.g. corrosion, leakage or a clogged nozzle) is a clear indication for replacement soonest possible
  • Document your inspections! Place a sticker on the fire extinguisher to keep track of your monthly checks


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