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Gardena Turbotrimmer Easycut 450/25


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Gardena Turbotrimmer Easycut 450/25

Gardena Turbotrimmer Easycut 450/25

Product Features:

The Turbotrimmer EasyCut 450/25 by GARDENA is characterised by many useful features which makes caring for your lawn an ease. The lightweight body of the EasyCut 450/25 comes in handy when you need to use the trimmer for a prolonged period of time. You can adjust the handles as well as the telescopic shaft. That way you can work in a relaxed position. The head of the trimmer can be adjusted at different angles, that way you can reach difficult places like underneath a garden bench or a table. The removable plant guard provides additional safety for your flowers and bushes.

  • Trustworthy Product Quality – GARDENA products made in Germany stand for quality, reliable performance and durability.
  • Convenient Handling – With its lightweight body of just 2.5 kg, you do not get tired when working for prolonged periods.
  • Ergonomic Handles – The adjustable telescopic handle allows the trimmer to be adjusted to your body size, while the additional adjustable handle ensures ergonomic operation.
  • Adjustable Trimmer Head – The head can be adjusted in its angle for a working position of 0, 10 or 60 degrees. Even hard to reach places like underneath a garden bench, a table or underneath a trampoline can be reached easily this way.
  • Protect Your Plants – With the help of the removable plant guard your flowers and bushes are well protected.

Technical Specifications:

  • Power rating: 450 W
  • Cutting Width: 25cm
  • Plant Guard: Yes
  • Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA): 95 dB(A)
  • Sound pressure level at operators ear: 80 dB(A)
  • Vibration (ah) Vibration max ah: 2.5m/s²


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