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HG 446 Air Neutraliser For All Bad Smells 0.4L


Neutralises even the most difficult odours, leaving a clean and healthy environment!

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HG Air Neutralizer For All Bad Smells (0.4L) is a non-damaging, water-based plant extract that quickly, safely and effectively neutralises the most difficult odours leaving a clean and healthy environment. The product does not contain CFC’s or other damaging aerosol gases, therefore it is environmentally friendly. It is also 100% biodegradable and not harmful to eyes, skin or materials. The can is very easy to use as it works under air pressure, so it sprays very well and in all positions.

Use of the product is easy, simply spray amply in the area to be neutralised and after 15 minutes the air should be clear again. Repeat the process for persistent unpleasant smells. If after two treatments the smell has not been neutralised then check the area for any source that may be causing the smell.


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