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Insect Trap Box


Safe for use in Homes, Restaurants, Pet Shops, BBQ Pits, Offices, Retail Stores, Public Health Centers, Schools, Food Serving and Food Preparation Area, Hospitals, Hawker Stalls and etc. 
For best results, hang or place the “Just Stick ‘en” Insect Box near lightings, windows or door entrances and it would attract any Insects attempting to fly into your premises.

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Peel off the protective paper from the trap as shown in picture (A).
Insert the two tabs into the two perforated slots shown in picture (B).
Fold the bottom and top box cover as shown in picture (C) & (D).
Extremely versatile, it can be placed in various positions as shown in picture (E).


he interior surface of the ENTA "Just Stick 'en "Insect Box contains specially formulated slow drying sticky glue, which can last for months. Coupled with natural insect aroma, it is simply irresistible for insects to stop by. For maximum efficiency, replace ENTA "Just Stick' en" Insect Box when its sticky glue surface is full of insects.

If the sticky glue accidentally gets into contact with your skin, apply cooking oil immediately to dissolve the glue and wash away with soap and water.


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