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JML Shimmer Clean – From Japan

JML Shimmer Clean – From Japan

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Multi Purpose Cleaner (Made In Japan)

Removes dirt and grime, soot and oil stains easily!

Perfect for general cleaning around the house like kitchens, ventilation fans and even bicycles. Gentle to your hands, it will help you make your home shiny and clean.

✓ Remove oil and burnt stain

✓ Not hazardous to skin

✓ Suitable for stainless steel, plastic, ceramic, glass

✓ Removes dirt and grime, soot and oil stains easily

✓ Gentle to your hand

✓ Natural palm oil

✓ Net weight 200g


-Size: 11.2x11.5xH4.8cm
-Contains 200g
-Suitable for: Stainless steal, plastic, ceramic, glass
-Not suitable for: Lacquerware (decorative articles normally wood), precious metal, leather goods, paulownia products

【 How to use 】
1.Apply a suitable amount of product to a soft cloth or sponge and Rub
2.Rinse the product away with water or wipe


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