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Maier MHI-701 Purespa Shower Filter

Maier MHI-701 Purespa Shower Filter

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Scientists consider chlorine one of the most toxic elements found in nature, yet you come in contact with it everyday!

According to World Health Organisation (WHO), 80% of adult diseases and 50% of children deaths are related to the quality of water. The high amount of impurity, suspender, rust, heavy metal, chlorine, firedamp-trichloride, germ and virus are detrimental to your health.

More and more people are becoming aware that not only is the food they consume affecting their quality of life, but also the water they drink and use is equally vital if not even more so. People absorb more chlorine while bathing with hot water than drinking water as the hot water produces fumes that is being inhaled into the respiratory system. Furthermore, the firedamp-trichloride and tetrachloride-carbon prevalent in non-filtered water is one of the catalysts of cancer, while chloride and heavy metal are dangerous for viscus (internal organs in the main cavities of the body, i.e. the intestines), increases scurf (flaky skin, i.e. dandruff), hasten skin aging, lifeless limply hair, whelk (pimple), eczema, and many other ailments. This is especially detrimental for the newborn and childrens’ skin.

PURESPA effectively removes chlorine, iron, lead, mercury, hydrogen sulfide, bacteria, algae, fungi, odour, sediment, mould, and many more. PURESPA’s specially formulated KDF filter media effectively removes 95% or more chlorine from shower water. Once water is contact with the KDF filter media, it converts into an environmentally safe and harmless soluble zinc chloride.

Its specially formulated KDF filter media effectively reduces 95% or more of chlorine from shower water. Once in contact with the KDF, chlorine in the water converts into an environmentally safe and harmless soluble zinc chloride.

Over a long period of usage of PURESPA shower filter, your skin and hair will regain and maintain its softness and luster. An effective preventive method from skin ailments.

PURESPA adheres to stringent quality control assured by the following:
• Removes harmful chlorine and its by-products from your shower
• Relieves skin ailments and scurf
• Softer, more manageable hair
• Less fading on color-treated hair
• Shiny hair and heathier scalp
• Ideal for infants, adults and pets
• Double-filters ensures all nasties are removed
• Super easy to install to any shower fixtures
• Can be used with water heater; able to withstand high temperature and heat up to 95ºC
• Capacity usage of 40,000 litres
• Replaceable cartridge filter life of 8-12 months, depending on usage HOW IT WORKS

PURESPA utilizes the American KDF technology, which effectively removes 95% of more of chlorine and other harmful contaminants:

• Removes dissociated chlorine, firedamp-trichloride, bacteria, rust, impurity, sulfured hydrogen and
heavy metal ion, etc
• Protects the skin from infraction
• Rids of substance in the water that can cause cancer
• Compresses the water rigidity
• Reduces furring

No special tools required.
Simply attach PURESPA to the base of your steel shower hose, or between your existing showerhead and the water pipe, thus filtering all the impurities from the water before it reaches you. MAINTENANCE
The filter cartridge typically needs replacing in 8 to 12 months, depending on your water quality and frequency of use.WORRIED THAT THE SHOWER FILTER ADAPTOR WILL NOT FIT?
Do you have an shower tap with the water outlet being very close to the wall?
Or is your shower water outlet pipe just very close to the wall?

Please use this ‘faucet angle pipe’ that you can easily fit onto a water outlet pipe that is close to the wall. It will give you the extra room you need to fit the Shower Filter Adaptor.


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