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Maier Pest & Mosquito Repeller MHI-100

Maier Pest & Mosquito Repeller MHI-100

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This silent electronic device safely drives away disgusting and annoying pest problems without hazardous poisons (insecticides) around children and food, traps or zaps! It helps to get rid of pests without bothering people. NO more poisons & chemicals (harmful to health and environment) and NO more traps!  It generates high-powered ultrasonic (Variable Changing Frequencies) sound waves that pests and mosquitoes cannot become accustomed to so that they vacate the premises!

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  • Direct plug-in to domestic power outlet
  • Uses advance ultrasonic sound waves technology (variable frequencies)
  • UV LED Light
  • Large effective area – Coverage of 1600ft2 or 150m2
  • Energy saving – just 1W
  • Built-In “Soft Glow” Night Light
  • Warranty:
  • Power consumption: 1W
  • Frequency: 20,000Hz-90,000Hz
  • Effective range: 00-150m2
  • Sound pressure output: 130db approx.


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