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Mossif3 Natural Lizard Repellent 20g

Mossif3 Natural Lizard Repellent 20g

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It is non-toxic and made entirely with natural and bio-degradable minerals and essential oils.It is user friendly and hygienic. No messy trapping or killing which will lead to more problems such as ants or maggots.

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  • <!–
    • Warranty:

    –>Made with minerals and essential oils. Non-toxic, safe for use in kitchen, even in food cabinets.

  • Lastingness: Once open, it lasts for around 3 months.
  • Benefits: It is user friendly and convenient. No killing or lizard trapping.
  • The only type of lizard repellent that uses scent to repell.
  • It is non-toxic
  • It is made entirely with natural and biodegradable minerals and essential oils
  • User-friendly and hygienic
  • No mess


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