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Olee V6 Spin Mop

Olee V6 Spin Mop

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The Y3 Spin Mop is a breakthrough home cleaning system guaranteed to cut your cleaning time by half! It has a 360 degree rotating head that covers a wider area and allows you to reach and clean every corner of your house. The unique structure of the ultra-fine micro fiber lists quickly absorb spills. The mop traps dust and dirt, locks it in tightly and expels it in the unique rotating spin cycle drying system. Just press the pedal and it spins the water from the mop at up to 2600 rpm. This means no more wringing mops or touching dirty water ever again!

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  • Durable aluminium alloy pedal for long lasting stepping
  • Stable stainless steel spin basket
  • Anti slip grip carrier for comfort
  • Centralised stainless steel pedal for easy use
  • Self lubricating mechanism to extend lifespan
  • Double spring support for stable spinning
  • Soap dispensing feature
  • Saves time, effort and energy
  • Use when it wet / dry
  • Ergonomically designed to prevent strainning back
  • Interchangeable mop head
  • Stainless steel parts to prevent rusting
  • Able to spin dry via stepping or hand press technology
  • Anti slip base prevent bucket from moving about during spin drying
  • Improved handle to give more grip
  • Patented technology
  • Warranty:
  •  Dimension : 55.5 x 33.6 x 30cm


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