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Philips Shower Purifier [AWP1705/90]

Philips Shower Purifier [AWP1705/90]

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A compact shower purifier that gives you a comfortable, refreshing experience by removing residual chlorine and impurities such as rust and silt.
Multiple purification system
The filtration system consists of chlorine sulfide balls and a sediment filter, which removes residual chlorine with a removal rate above 99%, as well as impurities such as rust and silt.
Heat-resistant material
Fully adapts to the temperature of a conventional water heater by using heat-resistant material to prevent burning effectively without adding any odour to the water, equating to safer usage.
Fashionable appearance
Shower in comfort by using the ergonomic handle that fits the shape of the human hand and holding habits.
One-piece disposable filter
Convenient and safe to discard the one-piece filter after use, avoiding secondary pollution.
General specifications
Replacement filter cartridge: AWP105/90
Filter specifications
Filter lifetime: approximately 4-6 months
Major filter components:  CaSO3
Purification system
Chlorine removal: > 99%
Design specifications
Product weight:
Product (box) dimensions (L x W x H):
Country of origin
System: China
Replacement filter: China
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