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Rolson M830 Multi-Meter in D/B 27259

Rolson M830 Multi-Meter in D/B 27259

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If you are looking for a portable meter with lots of different functions then look no further than the Rolson 27259 multimeter.A multimeter is an electronic measuring instrument and has the ability to measure voltage, current and resistance. They can be both analogue and digital and can come as hand units to find faults on the move. This handy tool is perfect for tradesmen namely electricians. Definitely ideal to have one in your tool bag!

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  • 7 functions and 19 rnges to cover  ac/dc voltage, resistance, dc amps battery, diode and signal h2 tester
  • Two 575mm test leads, low battery indicator
  • Diode and fuse protected super sensitive meter
  • Tests decibel ratios, diodes, transistor and continuity
  • Batteries included
  • Item Weight : 181 g
  • Product Dimensions: 20.4 x 14 x 3 cm
  • Made in China


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