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Strikers Fire Extinguisher 4KG

Strikers Fire Extinguisher 4KG

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Strikers Fire Extinguisher 4KG

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Excellent for home use, AB dry powder, AB rated and approved by FFS and certified by TUV, SUD, PSB.

  • Excellent for home use
  • AB dry powder
  • AB rated and approved by FFSD
  • Certified by TUV, SUD, PSB
  • Height: 438mm
  • Shell Approx Dia: 130mm
  • Service Pressure at 20degreeC: 14 bar
  • Fire rating (50% ABC Powder): 13A/70B/C
  • Operating Temperature: -20degC to + 60degC
  • Packing size: 145 x 145 x 525mm


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