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Termite Powder

Termite Powder

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The TERMITE POWDER kills in three consecutive steps, first by absorbing the wax from the greasy coating of the termite, subsequently puncturing the termite’s exoskeleton and disrupts its soft waxy body structure. Once inside the body, the termite powder starts to absorb moisture within the termite causing death in a period of time. Risk to humans and his pets are minimal.

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  • Monitor the pathways of termites. Their pathways are dirt tunnels and fairly visible, so just gently scrap the surface with a screwdriver. Since there may be more than one colony, search for the others (usually three or four meters apart) and sprinkle Termite Powder onto the tunnels. The Powder contains glass-like substances that will rip open the termite’s exoskeletons.
  • Apply a reasonable amount of powder on the active termites within reach. Best results can be obtained with the Crusader hand duster as it dispenses a very fine blanket of powder onto the back of the termites. These “treated” termites will bring the powder back to their nesting place. Through glooming (a unique process where termites cleanse themselves by rubbing their bodies against each other in order to prevent fungi-attack), the fine powders will be transferred from the “treated” ones to others and the newly “treated” ones will turn transfer the powder to some others and so on.
  • The process will spread like wild fire. Eventually the process will reach their queen. Only when the queen is eliminated will the entire colony be destroyed. This is a slow process, as the Powder takes time to absorb moisture from the termites to destroy them by dehydration. The queen will take an even longer time to die, as she is usually over 100 times larger then ordinary workers in size are.
  • Several repeated treatments are necessary before the entire colony can be wiped out. It is vital not to disturb their nests for at least one week to avoid their dispersion.
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