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Thompsons Damp Seal White 250 ML 30853

Thompsons Damp Seal White 250 ML 30853

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Thompson's Stain Blocking Damp Seal is a high performance interior coating which permanently covers damp, water and other household stains. The micro porous breathable formula can be applied directly to damp walls and ceilings allowing trapped moisture to evaporate over time preventing paint flaking or wallpaper peeling.

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  • High performance interior seal developed to form a breathable, obliterating membrane that
  • Seals and permanently stops the reappearance of damp, water and other household stains
  • Suitable for application to both dry and damp walls and ceilings
  • Micro-porous formulation allows trapped moisture to evaporate to prevent paint flaking or wallpaper peeling off
  • Full coverage can be achieved in just one coat, ensuring the surface is prepared for decoration in as little as 4 hours.


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